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Starzone – Fail or Win?


StarZone by Cactus

A place to download songs by The Has Been’s and Pop Radio “Stars” has been advertised a lot by Cactus in Luxembourg, since Cactus gives out codes to receive free songs on the site. This intrigued me a lot to finally start supporting artist by buying their songs and not downloading them for free. The first time visiting the page I was full of joy and though it was so amazing that finally Luxembourg had something useful on the internet (and even in english as well.) I entered one of the free codes that I had received from a purchase at the Cactus supermarket (The only way to download music from the site was to enter one of those codes, and there is no option of paying by card or purchasing songs in any way.)

and was exited to see what format and what type of quality the song I was about to download was. But then… well

as you can see, their data base is very limited, weather this has to do with their supply coming from a contract with Sony Musics or just with the person choosing the songs for the site having a very bad taste in music, I’m still unsure. After browsing for a while I finally found a song that was worthy of a download, even though I already had it. So I clicked the download button and the song begins downloading right away. The song was an unlocked mp3 format file. So right away i began to question the security of the song and the quality. After having copy pasted the song onto seven different devices I think it is safe to say that there was no lock on the file and it would be a perfect song to share with everyone I know, since there was no restriction to one device or player. Then the quality check began. Though the quality is better than a Youtube downloaded song, it is no where close to CD quality.(Then there is also a lot of Explicit songs that are being downloaded and are on the top download list, and I don’t believe the site checks any once birthday) Which lead me to conclude that the site, though very advanced for Luxembourg, turned out to be a fail in my eyes.

The top album at the moment also shows my disappointing in the users and not only the website.

This album that you can download with 12 credits, so meaning you have gone shopping at a Cactus supermarket for over 120 Euros is the top downloaded album atm.

UMad fail


and the original ofc

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